Plunkett Villa In History


History of Plunkett Family

The Plunkett Villa Story

The Plunkett history dates from 1866 when Thomas Plunkett arrived by ship from Ireland. He was one of the original settlers in the area after landing in Australia in 1863 on the ship “Fiery Star”. He first located to Waterford, but from 1869 he bought parcels of land along the banks of the Albert River at Tamborine. This property has been occupied by the Plunkett family ever since in the dairy and beef cattle industry.

Walter Edward Plunkett (Paul) whom lived on the property for nearly 95 years passed away in 2015 and together with his brother Thomas Mervyn Plunkett left the property to the current generation of Plunketts.

The first Plunketts initially owned up to Camp Cable Road which is now Yarrabilba (see below excerpt from one of their promotional booklets). At one time, there also existed a “Plunkett Railway Station” and today there remains “Plunkett Road & Plunkett Regional Park Reserve”. (See this link for further information.)

Plunkett Crest

Yarrabilba History

Original European settlers who took up land within the boundaries of Yarrabilba include Henry and Isaac Seymore, Thomas Plunkett, William Walsh, George Richardson, Alexander Watt, Daniel Kelso, Samuel Kelso, Andrew Watt and William Steele.

In the 1880s Thomas Plunkett’s property was known as Villa Marie. (Presumably the property was named in honour of his wife Mary Ryan.) Hence the name of the new function venue is “Plunkett Villa Tamborine” which incorporates the family name, history and location in the area.